Family Friendly Fun

Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh my!


Rosamond Gifford Zoo

Time to get wild! The zoo is the number one attraction on TripAdvisor for the Syracuse area because it is filled with great animals like lions, penguins and elephants. While you’re there, don’t miss the adorable baby snow leopards and fennec foxes! 

Fun fact: Snow leopards aren’t able to roar like other big cats


Imax at the MOST


Museum of Science and Technology (MOST)

Right in downtown Syracuse is our favorite science museum, the MOST. Climb into the cockpit of an F-16 jet, sit in the planetarium and watch the stars, or journey through the body – this museum is a hands on experience for learners of all sizes.

Fun fact: The MOST building is the former armory for Syracuse and the namesake for Armory Square


Erie Canal Museum

Erie Canal Museum

“I’ve got a mule and her name is Sal, Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal…”

While there aren’t any mules at this museum like there are in the famous song, the Erie Canal Museum is a great place to learn about the foundation of the city you’re in. Why did people come here? What’s so important about a “big ditch?” What kind of people lived here? Everything can be answered with a quick tour in this historic museum housed in the last remaining weighlock on the Erie Canal.  

Fun fact: The Erie Canal was constructed by workers using only their bare hands, picks, and shovels. 


WonderWorks Tunnel


WonderWorks and Adventure Canyon climb

Mr. Wonder was given the task of harnessing the power of a tornado but something went horribly wrong. The entire laboratory was lifted all the way to Syracuse and landed upside down on Destiny USA! Inside you will find all of his crazy experiments from hurricane winds and lying on a bed of nails, to giant bubbles or a giant ropes course. 

See for yourself with their YouTube Video!

Fun fact: The Canyon Climb is the world’s largest suspended indoor ropes course


Pole Position Raceway


Pole Position Raceway

Need speed? Fulfill your desire for some family-friendly competition at Pole Position Raceway, America’s #1 chain of indoor kart tracks. Pole Position Raceway, located on Destiny USA’s third level, is all about authenticity, exhilaration and safety. The high-performance, all electric karts speed around a ¼ mile track, with up to 12 racers competing side-by-side.

Fun fact:Racers can speed up to 45 miles per hour!


Onondaga Lake Park Swing

Lights on the Lake

Don’t miss Syracuse’s most popular holiday event! Lights on the Lake at Onondaga Lake Park is a two-mile long holiday light display extravaganza that is enjoyed from the warmth of your vehicle! The annual event runs nightly beginning Nov. 21 through Jan. 12, 2014. Save time for a classic “Americana” meal at Heid’s of Liverpool located nearby the park entrance.

Fun fact: There are more than 260 displays in Lights on the Lake, including an American flag constructed of 3,383 light bulbs!

Everson Museum

Everson Museum of Art

The Everson is a renowned art museum with a unique family appeal – the Art Zone. In the Art Zone kids can create objects with clay at the ceramic station or dress up in costumes. For just $1, kids can get their portrait taken like all the famous people on the walls of the museum!

Fun fact: I. M. Pei, the famous architect of the Louvre Pyramid and the John F. Kennedy Library, also designed The Everson building. 



Onondaga Historical Association Museum (OHA)

Did you know that Syracuse used to have its own dinnerware produced by the Syracuse China company? Did you also know that Syracuse was an essential stop on the Underground Railroad and an integral part of the abolitionist movement? The OHA is the city’s premiere research center and museum for all things Syracuse.

Fun fact: The OHA has the first Franklin automobile ever sold from 1902!

Cross Country Skiing


Beaver Lake Nature Center

Beaver Lake has over nine miles of trails where kids can explore a mix of habitats and play I-Spy to find over 200 species of birds. From snowshoeing in search of wildlife clues to maple sugaring and critter talks, Beaver Lake has year round outdoor activities!

Fun fact: Beaver Lake was formed when a glacier eroded the land around 21,000 years ago, melted and filled the hole it left behind. 



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