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Did You Know? Syracuse is a part of BREW CENTRAL? Syracuse has a really cool brewing history. Between 1800 and 1930, Syracuse was a major brewing city and home to many breweries. By 1850, Syracuse had seen the success of brewers, thanks to the city’s rail and canal transportation systems and a growing population, including an increasing number of German immigrants who brought their great beer drinking customs with them. The 1890s might be considered the peak years for Syracuse’s brewery business. According to the Onondaga Historical Association, at that time, more than 400 people were employed in the local industry, producing around 300,000 barrels of beer and ale annually. In fact, in June 1894, the U.S. Brewers Association held its national convention in Syracuse. Prohibition was catastrophic to the beer industry, shutting down breweries in Syracuse and across the country.

A resurgence of locally owned breweries began in 1994, when the trend toward specialty microbreweries and brew pubs arrived in Syracuse with the opening of Syracuse Suds Factory, followed by Empire Brewing Co. and Middle Ages Brewing Co.

Did we mention Syracuse comes in 6th on the list of the top 10 drinking towns according to the Huffington Post and Market Watch? You can also read about one journalist's trip through Central New York and "that one time where (he) tried 50 different craft beers and 20 spirits in 5 days."

J.Ryans Pub
253 E. Water Street
Syracuse, NY
(315) 399-5533

Syracuse Suds Factory
320 S. Clinton Street
Syracuse, NY
(315) 471-2253

Empire Brewing Co.
120 Walton Street
Syracuse, NY
(315) 475-4400

The Blue Tusk
165 Walton Street
Syracuse, NY
(315) 472-1934

Kitty Hoynes
301 W. Fayette Street
Syracuse, NY
(315) 424-1974

Clark's Ale House
201 S. Salina Street
Syracuse, NY

Middle Ages Brewing
120 Wilkinson Street
Syracuse, NY
(315) 476-4250

100 S. Lowell Avenue
Syracuse, NY
(315) 476-1933

Gordon Biersch
Destiny USA
Syracuse, NY
(315) 478-0990

World of Beer
Destiny USA
Syracuse, NY
(315) 422-2330

Shifty's Bar & Grill
1401 Burnet Avenue
Syracuse, NY
(315) 474-0048

Eastwood Brewing Company
108 Walter Drive
Syracuse, NY


Learn More!
Visit the Onondaga Historical Association’s Museum to experience the Syracuse Brewing History exhibit.

321 Montgomery Street
Syracuse, NY
(315) 428-1864

You can also find the Syracuse Beer Trail through the SCVB Sip of Syracuse Foodspotting Guide.



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